75229 - Take time

N. Lygeros

I belong to Mankind but I’m made of Time.
Take time to do it.
But you can already feel it.
Because you taste Time with my essence.
You’re not enclaved in only one existence.
Feel free.
You have to liberate your occupied  mind
to understand the ocean.
Take your time, I’ll be here, unto the ages of ages.
I was made for that.
This is the first miracle.
I didn’t see it but I lived it.
So now you can feel it
each time you touch me.
You don’t need to trust me or believe in me.
I’m here like an open book.
Read me.
It’s sufficient.
And if you can’t.
Touch me.
Time is with you.
But you have to be with it
to understand the future.
I’m the future of your past.