75241 - The Tree

N. Lygeros

The Tree
It was not only a perennial plant.
It was also the shape
of a natural bifurcation.
Everyone is thinking about its seeds.
Because this seems the most important part
at least for humans.
But trees have seeds before the birth
of Mankind.
So the question of seeds remains.
Their foundation is in fact totally different.
The tree is immobile.
And to survive it has to create its future.
That’s why it uses the light of sun
to create seeds.
In this manner it changes its environment.
In fact it upgrades it.
In this way it generates its future.
Even alone its production became its nature.
Its work is its existence.
The tree is like Mankind.
And humans like the seeds.
If seeds are important this is due to the Tree.
The millenary Tree.