75249 - The desert sea

N. Lygeros

He had done the miracle.
His fingering created the desert sea.
But it was only the first step
of a new kind of revolution.
The death of existence was the birth of life.
There was no lost paradise
and he had to make the new one.
Nobody believed that it was possible.
Everybody was waiting for the new time.
This was the reason of his decision.
He decided to be the light
between the shadows.
His mastering of time made the point.
The impossible started to live.
And the sea became a part of the sky.
Link the link
between the man and the woman
at the moment of their connection.
She felt the power of his love.
Heavy, monstrous and merciless.
No step back.
He was her soul, she was his life.
And the sea tasted the perfume of sky.
New shape.