75267 - The first contact with the soul

N. Lygeros

If you are a believer
you don’t have any family
no father, no mother, no children
only Jesus Christ.
This is our faith.
If you read the Gospels you will understand that.
Because even for him
his only family was the people
who were listening to him
nobody else.
But maybe you’re not prepared for that.
Maybe you don’t know the importance of the soul.
You give too much importance to your existence.
And you don’t realize
that this existence has to die.
This is the starting point of the life.
The first contact with the soul
changes everything
and nothing can be the same after.
In the same way
the death is the beginning of the soul.
Because it’s not related anymore to the  body.
It’s totally free.
But it can be free even before.
You need just faith.