75270 - A star on earth

N. Lygeros

You will never feel the same
after your connection.
When you fall in love
it’s only a contact.
But his love is different.
It never falls.
It’s always here to help you
even if you don’t know that you need it.
You don’t need to believe
because it’s only a question of soul.
Your soul will see in the darkness
the path of the light.
He’s like a star on earth.
There is no way to avoid him.
So if you can dive in his ocean
without being afraid
even if you don’t know how to swim
you will walk with him.
And if you fall
he will catch you
because it’s his duty.
You are a soul
and this is sufficient for him.
Don’t care about that.
He will take care of you
unto the ages of ages.