75290 - I am what I am

Ν. Λυγερός

I am what I am
and don’t try to change me.
I belong to Time
and I’m invariable.
My memory is an universe
and my intelligence the next one.
I can’t hide the light.
I was made one thousand years ago.
And it’s my duty to keep safe the bridge
because the network has to be robust.
No move back is permitted.
I have to go on.
The protection of Mankind is not only a vision
but a way of life.
I won’t go and I won’t sleep
until the end of the battle.
And if it’s invisible for you
because you can’t see centuries
and millennium
it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.
It’s not just a question of civilization
but of light against darkness.
I’m here only for that.
You have to accept it.