75295 - Five months

Ν. Λυγερός

The goal of barbarity was the total control of the country in few days. After five months of struggle, the battle is still open. The resistance is valiant and doesn’t give up.
This is the proof that the superpower was in fact just a fake power and nothing more.
Kyiv is still free. Ukraine is alive.
That’s the reality.
The propaganda has failed.
It’s not so easy to follow the path of barbarity.
After five months, this is obvious.
Europe and America realized that Ukraine deserves indeed to be free.
We are Ukrainians.
That’s the point.
Nothing less, nothing more.
And now this is known by the Kremlin.
The fight continues until the victory.
Even if this seems impossible to the majority.
Barbarity is unacceptable
and this is the point of view
of Mankind
in Time.