75308 - The sound of the past

Ν. Λυγερός

It was impossible for a normal person
to hear the sound of the past without help
but for him, it was natural.
Each part of the world has its own sound,
something which constitutes its singularity.
For many persons all this was only details.
But for him, each one has its importance.
That’s why he’s able to see the Time.
His capacity to do it is the reason
οf his presence in the future.
He is a bridge
not only between the past and the future
but also between the earth and the sky.
And his duty is unique.
With him, harmony is possible.
Like a conductor he creates symphonies
with instruments of the past and the future
with dead and unborn people.
and this special way to unify
the music of Mankind.
His secret was deeper.
He was able to do more.
He realized this when he heard
for the first time a sound of the future.