75316 - The white lake

N. Lygeros

In the morning, she saw for the first time the white lake. It wasn’t only amazing but unpredictable. She tried to see it closer.
She wanted to feel it, to touch it.
Instinctively she started her strange fingering.
She was obsessed by the view.
She never thought before that it was possible to see it.
It was a phenomenon for her.
It wasn’t an outbreak or a blowout.
She tried to find the right word.
It was an outpouring of love.
Not just an emotion but a gift.
A gift from inside.
From an interior sky to her world.
She wanted to immerse herself in it.
And to drink a part of it.
Her lips were already wet.
She imagined its flavor.
It was irresistible.
Like a first temptation.
The sweetest one.
The white lake kissed her