75325 - One thousand years old

N. Lygeros

He was one thousand years old
when he met Father Superior.
The monastery was at an impressive place.
But not for him.
It wasn’t the first nor the last.
He had to see all of them.
He had to hear all their pains.
He had to be robust.
They were human, too much human.
But he had no hate, just love.
Pure good.
He heard his words.
It was important to listen to him
because he was a representative of an order.
He saw his partially ordered set
and he immersed in his mentation.
He was ready to answer.
He has to give joy and create harmony.
That was the Request of Time.
When he finished
the miracle was done. Serendipity.
The child was now in Mankind.
The only limit was the sky:
And he caught it.
As the Request of Time said it.