75379 - Barbaric beginning

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

From the beginning
the system was barbaric
and that is why it had created a society
which was indifferent to the pain
it could cause to the nations.
As from the beginning it had an aim.
The others thought that it merely wanted to start
a revolution but that was wrong.
From the beginning it wanted to erase the past.
For nothing to be left standing.
Everything had to start at point zero.
It was a system of zeroing.
It was just born in 1917
and yet again it was ready to sign a Treaty
in 1918 so that there would be no continuity.
As a result it found itself even closer to another
system of barbarism simultaneously older
and younger.
It immediately saw that it could take advantage of it
to the utmost. It had to tempt it.
The manner it selected was to stop
the claims of the past
in order for the present to begin
with the sacrifice of a nation.
It had to support it to its advantage.