75381 - Systemic reinforcement

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

It had not as yet coined the concept of the operation, at least formally, but it was already functioning it,
at a practical level.
It had to create a great imbalance in the wider region.
The Caucasus was not adequate enough.
It had to also dispute the sea.
That is why it systemically enhanced the other system without it being directly obvious, whereas it
already was manipulating its pawn upon the chessboard.
The other system only knew of dice.
In order for it to achieve its intermediate goal, it targeted an entire nation.
It did not want for it to exist near any border of its territory,
wherever that might have been.
It was a people of Time and its presence was not tolerated upon by the system.
A big move had to take place,
an act of barbarism
but without that which had chosen it, to be at fault.
It took advantage of the barbarism of the inferior without putting itself in a moment's danger.