75392 - The Treaty

N. Lygeros
Τranslated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The Treaty was absolutely nothing
as far as the political Party was concerned
and it was by no means final.
It merely constituted an in between
in order for the revolution
which was necessary
for the utilization of the goal
to occur.
The extinction of the past
was the mere desire.
And all the other cases were of secondary value.
What mattered was for the political party
to be established.
The sacrifices were beneficial toward that.
Even at an opening phase.
The Treaty wanted yet another.
Brest-Litovsk. March 1918.
Berlin. August 1918.
Rapallo. April 1922.
That was necessary in order to undermine the Treaty of Versailles.
Barbarism to barbarism
from the beginning the political party
obtained a decayed ideology.
But it didn’t matter at all.