75393 - The target

N. Lygeros
Τranslated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The goal could not be achieved
without the extinction of the people of the sea
from the region.
The political party before grabbing hold of the power
had to ensure the absence
of the intertemporal element.
The most inferior barbarity had to
to reach the shores,
it was a necessary condition
for the implementation.
The ground had to be clean
and no root whatsoever should exist.
After all, the political party was
by nature radical.
But it didn’t merely want to break the roots,
but to uproot those that existed.
Clean wasn’t adequate,
it also wanted the void.
Tabula rasa.
Therefore it guided the other barbarism
not to take a single step back,
as it wanted no root whatsoever
but without that been obvious of course.
And this crime against Humanity happened.