75397 - Ante Cold War

N. Lygeros

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It’s generally accepted that the Cold War is a geopolitical period which spans from 1947 to 1991. It’s also clear what we mean with the expression Post Cold War. For this reason, we considered that it’s useful to study the previous period to understand the origins. Because it’s obvious that the starting point of the Cold War is not in reality the World War II nor its end. With the expression Ante Cold War which starts at the end of the World War I in relation with the Russian Revolution, we define the strategic substrate of an ideological vision with a holistic goal much bigger than a simple contribution to the World War II or even the Cold War because even now we can see how this period still influences the geopolitical behavior of many countries in the world. For us the Ante Cold War is not only connected to the Cold War nor the Post Cold War but to this kind of Second Cold War that we are living today especially after the Russian Invasion in Ukraine. In this sense, the Ante Cold War is the deep past of our strategic future in Europe and not only.