75399 - First Treaties of Treason

N. Lygeros

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Even before its official creation, the Soviet Union was ready to break any relation with the Allies. The World War I wasn’t its war. Its goal was totally different. And a simple way to break them was to make a treaty with the enemy. This was done with the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk of 1918. It was of course only something which was an intermediate and nothing more. That’s why it was only the first of the succession of three treaties with the Treaty of Berlin in 1918 and the Treaty of Rapallo in 1922. These Treaties were a treason but for the Soviets it was only a sacrifice at a tactical level. They cut every edge of the previous coalition graph of Russia, to create their own with other barbarities which at the end would be only tools in their Grand Strategy. At that time, to be consistent with their goal, they contributed to the ascension of a new barbarity i.e. the kemalist framework. The reason was simple. Their ideologies were compatible and they had the same enemy. The Greeks were a fundamental issue due to their relation with time. The Soviets chose Barabas to crucify  Christ. The choice of Barabas was a detail, the important thing was to kill  Christ. Their ideology was a religion against Christianity.