75401 - The red mentation

N. Lygeros

From the beginning, the Soviets had in mind a total war in the sense of Carl von Clausewitz. They wanted the total destruction of the past and not only in Russia but everywhere in Europe. So their approach was global and not local but in a subversive way: a war without war, a war in peace, a war within propaganda. As they thought that they were surrounded by a hostile capitalist encirclement, they decided to use also the diplomacy as a weapon to divide their enemies. This approach was a new kind of war which was invisible for the people. By this way they were for the peace and the war was the fault of their enemies. The red mentation was wearing the role of victim. They had to prove that their revolution was only a victim of the system. They knew that it was a lateral thinking to avoid a direct frontline. So they conceived the anti-system and the counter-process. All the others were for them anti-Bolshevik, anti-communist and counter-revolutionaries. The Ante Cold War period was beginning with the anti and the counter without mentioning that the red mentation was against Mankind and Time.