75405 - The unique party

N. Lygeros

In order to avoid its isolation, the Soviet System tried to create communist revolutions in the countries of its enemies. It set up the Comintern. The Communist International was totally controlled by the Soviets. It was an attempt to complete the abolition of the state. But in reality, it was something more subversive. Its target was to erase the notion of nation. At the beginning it was a combination of approaches of Marxism and Leninism. Its idea was to contaminate the international bourgeoisie. For the Soviets it was a way to create frictions inside the structure of their enemies. At the same time, it was an indirect protection of Russia itself. But it was a failure even in Germany. So, the difference was at that time even more obvious. The Soviets wanted a dictatorship by one party and only one and for that the mass arrests and executions of dissidents started to be systematic. And of course, the state ownership should be unique. The control of everything wasn’t a choice but the state of art of the application of barbarity. In this point of view everything was done for only party and nothing more.