75406 - Soviet dreams and human dread

N. Lygeros

Before the official creation of the Soviet Union, it was very important for the Soviets to start the control of areas at the borders of their chessboard. The central idea was to create a buffer zone with satellite states i.e small barbarities. For that it was important to cut any rooted civilization, to avoid problems with time. The Soviets wanted the perfect control of space without any perturbation of time. For this reason it was crucial to target population with history. Because history was unacceptable for the Soviet barbarity. But it was difficult to say even at that time that they were against history. It was better to say that Soviets were anti-capitalists. The reality was deeper. Their ideology wasn’t centered on the economy but against history. For them it was obvious that their choices should be to destroy roots and civilizations. They wanted an empty space. And a way to do it was of course with the use of genocides, not only one but enough to get the dreamed results. Gold and weapons were the first tools.