75407 - Red gold and bloody weapons

N. Lygeros

Kemal was a radical dictator and a man able to do a genocide in an efficient way with rather small help. For the Soviets he was a very good investment. They saw him as a small dictator who could clean the place they needed for their buffer zone. He wasn’t the continuity of something but the end of everything. He was a good slave for the system. For that reason they gave him gold rubles and bloody weapons to erase even the presence of Greeks in his country after the genocide against Armenians and Assyrians. They wanted an empty Turkey and not a stuffed one. So even before the creation of the Soviet Union, the Soviets were guilty in that new crime against Humanity. Before December 22 they wanted the end of September 22 and they managed to get this dreadful  result in an indirect way. Everybody saw the turkish barbarity but only a few realized how deep was the Soviet implication in this genocide. It was tough even for Henry Morgenthau. But the reality is now known. And there is no excuse.