75409 - Business is business

N. Lygeros

As it was impossible to prove at that time the implication of the Soviets, at the end of the year the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics became the reality for the whole world. The Treaty and the Declaration of the Creation were the pillars of the Union. Like black humor, the formal proclamation was made from the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre. After all it was a representation of the propaganda. And even the Soviet  Constitution of 1924 was never really used as a guide. It was in fact useless. Already in 1921 the proposed New Economic Policy by Lenin was as he said an economic system with free market and capitalism, both subjects  to state control. Because business was business without any complex, the Soviet Union revoked the complete nationalization of industry and introduced a mixed economy. With this method it created a new category of people called  NEPmen. This temporary expedient was used until 1928 with the Great Break. Because the business had to be done even after, Stalin started the big agricultural collectivization. That meant  the end of private  ownership of land. But also the beginning of the processes which would be conducive to the Holodomor in Ukraine.