75412 - The strange Pact

N. Lygeros

For the Soviet Union nothing was a borderline. Any move on its chessboard was justified with ideology but it was always the same point of view: the consolidation of its power no matter the prejudices for the others. For those reasons in 1941 the Soviet Union and the Empire of Japan signed the Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact. It was another bonding with another barbarity. In this period nothing was impossible. That’s why the Ante Cold War is so important for the future and not only for the understanding of the Cold War. For both barbarities it was a way to avoid fighting on multiple fronts. And we can see that there weren’t any limits. The Soviet Union was well beyond the spirit of Machiavelli. It wasn’t just moves of realpolitik but steps in the world of propaganda. Because all this was done in secret. Many people who believed in that ideology weren’t aware of this level of propaganda. Everything was fake from the beginning. That’s what we see with the Ante Cold War. The roots of the Cold War were there even as secrets. But in any case, the Cold War wasn’t the starting point of a new kind of geopolitics. That’s why the Soviet Union was ready to partition the world in Yalta.