75413 - Churchill’s Crusade

N. Lygeros

For Winston Churchill the situation was clear. The Bolsheviks had betrayed the Allies with the Brest-Litovsk Treaty. So he tried many times to convince the government to take the offensive against the Bolsheviks. It wasn’t just a contribution to the Russia Civil War. His mentation was quite different. He knew that this kind of ideology was dangerous not only for Russia but for the whole Humanity. So his point of view was deeper from the normal especially at that time. In this Ante Cold War period he was the first to realize how crucial was the resistance against this ideology. Even if he didn’t succeed in this initial mission, we can say that his contribution in this generalized war was at the end positive. This proves his robustness because at the beginning he was really alone but he never gave up even with his failures. He was also the first who estimated in a correct manner the danger that this ideology represented at the practical level of its application in several countries in the world. That’s why his crusade makes sense even in the Post Cold War period because he contributed to the liberation of Europe.