75430 - Proxy wars

N. Lygeros

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We know that proxy wars exist. But the parties of this kind of war always wanted to be opponents in a real war even if they act at the instigation of others who aren’t directly involved in the hostilities. The Spanish Civil War is an example of proxy war and it is the same for the Greek Civil War. For the last one, the implication of the Soviet Union is now a fact but at that time it wasn’t obvious. Many people thought that it was something specific and they saw only the local logistical support from Albania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. But none of them was the Big Brother. For the Soviet Union and its vocabulary it was only a special operation, nothing more. By the way when the Soviet Union decided to end this proxy war and stopped its support, everything was finished and the presumed big civil war became a small proxy war. It was only an attempt to go further to Yalta in a secret way but it failed. Special operations weren’t new and didn’t characterize only the Cold War or the Post Cold War but also the Ante Cold War because it was a way of thinking for the Soviet Union.