75433 - Superpower and mupets

Ν. Lygeros

The Ante Cold War shows that the Soviet Union always wanted to be a superpower. But as it was impossible in reality, it used mupets to support this idea. Its mupets were the small brothers and their small barbarities which worked for the fatherland. The use of mupets permitted to its people to consider the Soviet Union as a superpower. An efficient way to do this was to avoid real war with many treaties and to make only proxy war. Because the reality would show that it was a fake superpower. Any move in reality was dangerous, that’s why the virtual moves were its preferred at the higher level. In this method the virtual was compatible with the fake history and the interpretation gave always a solution in case of contradiction: The Soviet Union’s lack of reality was compensated by its imagination to create always new scenarios to explain its failure with the eternal change of its targets. For that, the Soviet Union was at the state of art. But this preparation was not sufficient to start the Cold War and its defeat  was predictable.