75435 - The contribution to History

N. Lygeros

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The Ante Cold War explains many of the future behaviours not only in the Cold War and the Post Cold War but even now  and we mean this Second Cold War which started officially with the Russian invasion in Ukraine. The Ante Cold War was active many years before the Treaty of Washington in 1949, the official birth of NATO. The behaviour of the Soviet Union wasn’t dependent on that and it’s an error to try to explain everything in the framework of the NATO. Because it wasn’t the starting point, not even the flashpoint but only the strategic answer to a problem which was generated a long time before. The study of the Ante Cold War period shows in a very efficient manner how deep was the problem. So the actual situation does not depend only on the Post Cold War but also to the Ante Cold War and even if this is not so natural, it’s not so strange. In this new framework we can see better the aim and the expectations of the invasion. The contribution to History of the Ante Cold War is to prove that this act of barbarity is related to the deep past and that it’s not something really new but the ruins of an irrelevant strategy based on fake history. So it’s not only about fake news but also a fake past. Quod erat demonstrandum.