75436 - An invasion with no plan

N. Lygeros

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When you have in mind only fake history based on fake news it’s impossible to have a good preparation even for an invasion. The Russian forces have been influenced by the Kremlin propaganda and now the half of them are killed or wounded. This strategic failure is due to the lack of real information. It was planned like a special operation as always. It was presented as a piece of cake. It was considered like a local problem. Each of those ideas is deeply wrong. The Russian troops are failing on the ground and in many areas. The invasion was made with no real plan. It was the product of propaganda and nothing more. The reality is tough for the propaganda. Because reality has history and propaganda only ideology . Due to time, history is robust. Ideology is only efficient at a moment but in time, it’s not robust. On the other hand, robustness is efficient in time. Russia was prepared for a quick victory but it was a fake new. Russia wasn’t prepared for a long failure. And now we can see that an Ukrainian tractor is better than a Russian tank. It looks ridiculous but this fact belongs now to History. And this is the problem of an invasion with no plan.