75457 - Transcription Podcast #27: Prelude to an assassination

Ν. Lygeros

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When we want to understand the roots of what we are living right now the Ante Cold War which works as a foundation for the scholar, is precious. The careful examination of this context shows that the principal goal of the soviet approach was to erase the past and any of its contributions. In other words it was an attempt to assassinate time from the space of ideology. As a consequence, everything of the future would have been dependent only upon the present. The choice of the Revolution was for them a necessary intermediate to get an even more general target. That’s why the Ante Cold War constitutes a splitting effect in the natural space-time continuum and the Soviets wanted to break the continuum with a process which is like a stochastic model describing a sequence of possible events in which the probability of each event depends only on the state attained only in the previous event. i.e. the Markov chain.

Because of the existence of the past, this radical approach was the only way they found and tried to conquest the free world without history. So the point is without history. We have the past, they wanted to erase this contribution, so no history and they want one present which is the choice of the Revolution. From that point they want to make moves that are related and are dependent only on that point.

So imagine a chessboard imagine that we are playing together many games. At the end of each game we have the same position for the following, the starting position. If we are playing together, for example, 10 games, between us there will be a history because in Game 1 you will play with whites something, one opening. In Game 2, because we change, I will do my choice, and we can see in Game 3 you make the same choice but with a variation. I will keep it in mind, especially if you had a victory because I would know that I would have to change something to avoid another defeat. In fact, we have 10 different games but they are correlated, it is not a chain like Markov. So, in fact for them the idea is following, you play Game 1 and you finish for example the top the Czar and now they play Game 2. They don’t care about the other game they erase the memory of the opponents, they say for example “I will not pay anything”, no debt, Czar debt I mean, and I will play from now on until the end. If you accept this the game is not related. In fact you are at the starting point of a Markov chain and logically you will have only events which are dependent only on the previous one. So one move.

This is possible in fact for very easy things. But even in one game, so I will no longer take the 10 games, only one. I have in mind also Richard because he loves games. Imagine now in only one game you can see that it’s one opening for example Sicilian defense. So e4 c5 etc. You can take a variation Najdorf, we don’t care. Imagine now we have and opening which is clear and now you want to change something. If you change only one move this move should be correlated to the opening because the opening is a history, a small one, but history. That’s why with Alphago when we put this choice the first move of Sicilian defense he found the following which are correct. So in fact he found the data of history without this knowledge before. This means that the moves are very correlated. So there is a shape a structural shape. Now if you say like the Soviets, ‘Now I will try something totally new’ you have a splitting effect because you say it’s only dependent of this chess board at this time but even if you do that because the game was a real game there is a correlation. I mean imagine now I remove the idea of the game and I take only a problem. So I put the pieces and the pawns in an arbitrary way just to create a problem, to study for example. I don’t care in fact how I got this position it’s not important for the problem but if I do I show this to a grandmaster he may be able to find the previous moves with only one picture because he knew the opening so if you are very close to the opening it is possible. If you are very far it’s no more possible but maybe for alpha go This will be in fact a retrograde analysis like in Sherlock Holmes with Watson they play out some problems like this. My idea is the following, if you want to do this you have to create a problem which is not related to history. So in fact it’s not a construction it’s a destruction. So the starting point is not a revolution it’s a demolition, it’s tabular rasa, that’s all. So you can do anything but you can do everything for your mind but for the mind of the opponents it’s impossible. For which empire would it be possible ? The British one the French one or even the United States? It was impossible, so they had in mind the previous steps, the previous history but for the Soviet system it was useless. This is already an error.