75478 - Against the war as a new war

Ν. Lygeros

In a subversive way of thinking, to be against the war was a tool to design a new kind of war. The first one was presented as an ethnic problem which was irrelevant for the ideological approach of the reality. The Soviet system used peace as a weapon and not only as a tool. In fact this peace was the use of lateral thinking in the framework of propaganda. Because nobody could be like that, someone who was perfect, could be at the same time and in a deep way, a supporter of another kind of war. They were efficiently anti-militaristic but only for the war of the others. Bolsheviks stopped their participation to the World War I to prepare in an efficient way the Russian Civil War. It looks funny now but this reality is still unknown by many people who are innocent or want to be innocent to avoid realizing that they are manipulated. In this way peace was already, in Ante Cold War, a psychological operation and it became with the Soviet Union a national affair. Because the Union wanted to be known as a system of peace without any more explanations about the fact that it was a forced peace to death.