75479 - Fake popular fronts

Ν. Λυγερός

Stalin and Litvinov decided to promote in an artificial manner, popular fronts against capitalist countries. This was done already in the late 1930s, so in the Ante Cold War period. The popular front was a precious tool in politics but with this new approach, it became a real weapon able to create frictions in the core of the enemies. They used the infiltration to change the mind of the innocent elements of the front who were persuaded to belong to a movement of their country. The Soviet system kept of course secret its implication not only at the level of the participation but also the creation. Those fake popular fronts were parts of a more general propaganda which wanted to show that this phenomenon was natural in all the counties where the rights of people were spoiled. In reality this imposture created a mentation which was based in fact on nothing. At the same time, every failure of popular fronts was presented as a proof that the rights of workers were spoiled. It was like a dominant strategy at that time but it had no future almost at the strategic level.