75518 - The protection of Europe

Ν. Lygeros

Europe was weak.
And the totalitarian systems strong.
The two World War had proved
that Europe wasn’t robust.
So there was no choice.
The isolationism was no more an option.
US had to be active in Europe to protect the continent from the attacks of barbarity.
This was its duty.
But it was also its nature because of the existence
of a link between Europe and America,
the Old Continent and the New World.
Nothing was able to destroy this link.
The wild wars didn’t do it.
And it was impossible for the proxy wars.
The link was built with History.
Deep History.
In fact the Reconstruction of Europe was related to it. It was a necessity.
Because the European civilization was in danger.
Not only from the Nazis but also from the Soviets.
The black and the red mentations were by nature against Mankind. And Europe should be for them the first victim.