75539 - The empty box

Ν. Lygeros

It is difficult to accept that a Civil War could be in fact only a proxy war of the Cold War. Because this means that for decades you were living in the frame of propaganda and you thought that it was important to know which of the enemies was on the right side. You can feel even ridiculous if your behavior was dependent on that. For so many years you were canning a box and at the end of your sacred mission, you discovered that it was empty and all your life was meaningless. The story was a gift of the Soviet Union which was engaged in many situations. The poor people who believed that they were in a righteous struggle, discovered that in fact they were manipulated from the beginning by a bigger barbarity which forced them to make acts of barbarity in the name of their fake ideology. The paradox is that in some countries the parties try to keep secret some information and continue to say the same fake history. They are political and ideological liars. Because all their existence was in fact a crime against Humanity. But now the time is over.