75541 - The power of persistence

Ν. Λυγερός

When you have nothing to lose
it’s easy to fight.
But when you have to protect a continent
your struggle is tough.
And this was the problem from the beginning.
The sacrifice of Europe was never an option.
But for the Soviet Union
everything was possible.
Even the Cold War was a routine.
Its entire system was based on the barbarity.
So no country was important for them.
And the people were insignificant.
The core of the red mentation was simple.
The main goal was to destroy history
and from nothing to do everything.
There was just one problem.
At the beginning it was meaningless.
This was the link between Europe and America.
They underestimated it.
That’s why their operations were failures.
The Old Continent had a bodyguard.
And this one was the New World.
The power of persistence was stronger
than any barbarity. And the light won.