75543 - She was driving a Mustang

Ν. Λυγερός

She was driving a Mustang
but in her mind,
she was riding a mustang…
She didn’t know its relation with the Falcon.
She has the international licence
and she was able to drive everywhere.
But the many worlds theory was new for her.
Her universe was bigger now.
She understood that her shaken world was only the starting point of this universe.
She tried of course to forecast the future
but it was impossible because it was too rich.
The bifurcations made bridges of Time.
She used to drive in the Great Plains
from Mackenzie River in Canada to southern Texas.
But now everything was different, even the size.
At a first glance, she recognized
the beauty of the night
and its moves.
And with the light of the day
everything was plain and simple.
She hadn’t changed her world,
she was living in his world.