75548 - Post Cold War

Ν. Lygeros

The Cold War began with the Second Red Scare in 1947. The first one was in 1917 and it was the flashpoint of the Ante Cold War. With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the end of this kind of war, we got the victory of democracy but also of capitalism. It was also the end of the status of a superpower for the red mentation. This era was dominated by the rise of globalization and of course the growth of the mobile phone systems and the commercialization. But who knows that this kind of technology has been declassified just after the end of the Cold War. Because the Internet was in fact the successor of the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network i.e. ARPANET which was created as a system to keep in touch after an impending nuclear war. In this sense the United States became the most powerful country in the world. It was a strange consequence of the attacks of the Soviet Union with the proxy war, the nuclear race and the space race. This was before the rise of a new kind of barbarity: the international terrorism which conducted to the September 11 attacks.