75549 - The declassification

Ν. Lygeros

Declassification by default: 10 years.
Declassification for review with nine narrow exceptions: 25 years.
Declassification with only two exceptions: 50 years.
Declassification with special permission: 75 years.
The declassification was a characteric of the Post Cold War. Because before everything was classified.
So many people discover the nature of the fake history of the propaganda and of course the reality of the fake history. It was possible to see the evidence but also who did the mass manipulations.
At that time the misery of the Soviet Union was obvious to everyone and not only to the experts. It was impossible to continue the previous propaganda. With the victory of democracy, socialism and communism in general declined in popularity.
It was also the end of a strange long peace.
With the fall of the dominant barbarity it was possible to grow for others.
After the years the War of Terror was official.