75552 - The Second Cold War

Ν. Lygeros

With all those elements it was natural to introduce the expression Second Cold War.
But it has not a unique sense.
After the bifurcation the problem is not only the future of the Soviet Union after its fall but also the People’s Republic of China.
Because after the War of Terror, these two structures had the time to reconstruct and to construct their power.
None of them wanted the victory of the democracy.
For them, freedom is still a dangerous right.
Even now they prefer to control everything.
That’s why for them the proxy wars are no more efficient tools against America and Europe.
The soviet system is by default, due to its nature, against any trace of civilization because they hate the diversity of Mankind.
For them, the perfection is themselves and every country should have the same system.
This Grand Strategy is even now not so obvious for many innocent people who still consider that everyone can choose his system even if this one committed genocides.