75553 - Beyond proxy wars

Ν. Lygeros

As proxy wars are no more sufficient and efficient for Russia and China, they prefer to be directly implicated in the targeted countries. That’s why the free intelligence services, i.e. from Europe and America, have to be even more cautious. This is a different point of view than those of the Cold War. The direct implication looks impossible for the free Nations but for systems like those of Russia or China, it’s very natural to invade a country and destroy any opposition to their manipulations. But they still use the notion of special military operation to avoid mentioning any strategy and to declare a war which could generate heavy consequences. For these reasons, Europe and America have to be clear and sharp. Because there is no real diplomacy able to stop these kinds of acts of barbarity. Free countries need in fact more strategy and less diplomacy because there is no dialogue when there is an invasion. Only a free Alliance can be a shield against barbarity. That’s why they shouldn’t waste time with diplomatic means, only strong measures and a robust Grand Strategy is needed.