75564 - The Taiwan Miracle

Ν. Lygeros

We use the expression the Taiwan Miracle to characterize its rapid industrialization and economic growth. This is the reason for the Four Asian Tigers with Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea. But in reality, at the geopolitical level, the miracle is that Taiwan is still here even with an enemy like China. Even if the country no longer represents China as a member of the United Nation after  the vote which recognized the People’s Republic of China instead in 1971. But the problem is bigger and the miracle is taller because Taiwan is even more democratic. China wants to absorb this little but efficient country because its existence remains a provocation for its power. The pressure is big because Chinese authorities want the creation of one China. And the proposal was rejected by Taiwan.
Taiwan is not alone.
The island is now a diplomatic hotspot
for the two superpowers
China and the US. This is the miracle.
US military support is based on the threat posed by China. And if Taiwan is attacked, its defense will also involve Australia.