75565 - The Russian propaganda

Ν. Lygeros

The narrative of Russia about the US is clearly a fake history from the beginning.
Russia as a victim in its eyes considered that as a country had to fight to exist.
Because of it, the US overthrows legitimate governments and fuels color revolutions.
More generally, Russian believes, officially, that the US interferes in its internal affairs.
But the problem is that for Russia
everything is an internal affair.
Russia says that it is simply defending itself because the US encroaches upon its borders.
Russia as always wants to restore everything to get a multipolar world.
This is for Russia the reason
of its illegal occupation of Crimea
and now of Ukraine.
This tactics of misestimation
came from the Ante Cold War era.
and it is the same for the concept
of special military operation.
But no one believes its fake history
and all the democratic countries
are now standing by Ukraine.