75566 - Dirty wars

Ν. Lygeros

Special military operations are a way to make dirty wars. Invasions are illegal.
Everybody knows that.
But it’s not a problem for totalitarian systems.
They don’t want to declare a war.
They just want to humiliate their enemies.
Russia and China have no guilt
to apply this kind of approach
to obtain quick results
at the geopolitical level.
That’s why we have to fight against
this red mentation to save innocent people.
Ukraine is only the first step
in the Russian attack.
At least it was.
Because after the reactions of Europe and America,
the invasion is no more an easy
special military operation.
We have to protect this democratic country.
We know already the next targets:
Moldavia, Sweden and Finland.
In fact, Russian targets are at the borders
of Europe and NATO.
Russia tests the resistance of the system and will continue if we don’t stop it.