75567 - The Victory of Light

Ν. Lygeros

World War I was a victory at the end.
It was the same for World War II.
With the same winners.
For the Cold War the situation
was even more complex
but in the end, we did it.
In all cases, the beginning was hard for all the free powers.
But with tough work and sacrifices we managed to end these wars successfully.
Before that, very few people
believed that it was possible.
But our fighters and warriors did it.
Now we have to think the same thing.
We have to be unstoppable.
We have to be robust.
Because these dark powers can’t win.
They haven’t any vision.
On the contrary we are fighting in this struggle for Mankind and nothing less.
Because we have to win
to save innocent people.
And this will be
the Victory of Light.