75571 - The paintbrush of life

N. Lygeros

The command was free. He looks at his paintbrushes.
That’s why he chooses to paint life.
The idea is life for life
and not only art for art.
He takes the biggest one and the largest one.
Its shape was special.
He starts to draw the contour of his model.
Its hardest part and its curvature.
His moves are sharp and efficient.
It’s only the preparation to get the starting point.
Rapidly he gets the outpouring of the essence
and he uses it to color his own  object of desire.
Now he is painting all the model
and by this way
he gets a paintwork
with the essence of his life.
That’s a work of art for life.
He shows the command just after.
And the picture changes the vision.
His proof with his own nature
creates a new history.
This history is armony.
Nothing less, nothing more.
A pure gift.