75576 - Live fire exercises

Ν. Lygeros

The totalitarian systems love special military operations and live-fire exercises. This is their method when proxy wars are no more efficient and relevant to get the results they want. They put pressure on their enemies with always the same excuse: the defense. Who can imagine the attack of Ukraine against Russia? Or even more ridiculous, the attack of Taiwan against China? The reality is of course clear. Totalitarian systems, by default, hate democracies. But if they belong tο their so-called area, the democracies became targets of their barbarity. In fact they want to prove to the others that this kind of opposition it’s only a detail for their Grand Strategy. They are living in fake histories and they want to change the real History. Because when they already tried to kill History even with genocides they realized that it was impossible. So for us, the free countries, the protection of those democracies in danger, is a duty. And we have to be clear that this struggle is between Mankind and barbarity, nothing less.