75577 - From pressure to blockade

Ν. Lygeros

China said that its exercises are a simulation of an air and sea blockade around Taiwan. This pressure is natural for a totalitarian State against a democracy. Because in its mind, it’s the easiest way to get a result quickly. But it’s a failure. And the other States can see it. So it doesn’t work as a psychological operation and this is a mistake of its own. China was waiting for a fast Russian victory against Ukraine.But the heroic resistance of Ukrainian forces has changed its plan. And after so many months of invasion, the only practical move was to make this simulation. If Russia had won immediately the government of Ukraine, then China would have tried the same with Taiwan. So the excuse about the hosting of the US House Speaker isn’t relevant. All these exercises have been prepared a long time ago. China desperately wanted a fact to start its offensive but nothing. The same scenario has been used by Russia to prepare the invasion of Ukraine. But now we are ready from the beginning andChina knows it. That’s why its choice is at least for the moment the simulation of a blockade.