75582 - Fake Nuclear fear

Ν. Lygeros

The Russian forces as a soviet system, want to use the nuclear fear to diminish Western will  to provide military support to a Ukrainian counteroffensive. As they don’t want to directly use their nuclear power, they are trying to degrade the Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant. Their trick is of course ridiculous but it can be efficient for not experts. They want to show that Ukrainian forces are using weapons from the West to attack the nuclear plant. The risk of a nuclear disaster is used to dissuade Westerners from providing additional military support. But, in reality, this proves how low their level is about the technical characteristics of the Nuclear Power Plant. This was already known but now everything is clear about the situation. The reality is that this psychological operation is not effective. The US, and the NATO in general, know everything they have to know about the nuclear situation in Ukraine. There is no risk in that but we have to get every Nuclear Power Plant back and at the same time continue our support at the heavy military level.