75585 - Harmony and sente against invasion

Ν. Lygeros

A harmonious position in Go Game is not just an aesthetic quality but rather a balance in the overall strategic connection of the stones. That’s why in the opening we try to place the stones for the territory and for the center influence. With this view point we can see that the Russian invasion in Ukraine isn’t harmonious. It has no balance. There is no equilibrium even at the strategic level. Russian forces have many difficulties  to keep sente even if they are attacking the Ukrainian positions. Very often due to an efficient counteroffensive they have to defend in gote. They don’t play even tenuki because their strategy has no flexibility. This is due to the fact that the Kremlin has no plasticity. They have problems with over concentration and vagueness. Their strategy was from the beginning reduced to a special military operation without depth. They tried to play one endgame from the opening. They confused a complex yose with a classical tsumego. But only the reality of the situation proved that harmony and sente were working against the invasion of Russian forces.