75591 - Playing with fire

N. Lygeros

China wants to threaten Taiwan. It’s obvious but it’s really insufficient. And the reason is simple. Nationalists and Communists wanted more in the mainland. The problem for China, is the failure of Russia in Ukraine. Because its special military operation is only a strategic failure. China wanted to use it as an example at least the first days of the invasion. That’s why the position of China is so weak now. China looks like a paper tiger. Because its domestic audience was looking for much more. That’s why China has inundated every platform with new of those huge exercises. Even in China some voices have said that the calls for war were unwise. Of course they know that the ultimate goal for China is to realize the reunification of the motherland but at the minimum cost and not to start a war with Taiwan. In other words, China has now a problem between its communist and its nationalist approaches. Nationalism in China is a dangerous game even for the communist party. It has to manage the problem which arose from the national patriots: don’t say more if you can do only less. That’s a consequence of the Russian failure in Ukraine.