75601 - Turkey as the Russian muppet

N. Lygeros

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It’s not a surprise of course but it’s really funny to see Russia praising Turkey for its role in brokering the deal to unblock Ukraine grain exports. It’s a good point for the other dictator and his willingness to be reelected in his country. But all this looks like a muppet show. Because the problem was created by Russia and solved by Russia officially with the help of Turkey. For months Russia blocked maritime access to the Ukrainian Black Sea ports. And only now Russia changed its mind with the direct participation of Turkey. It’s ridiculous but not for a muppet show. Now Turkey wants to show that it’s responsible for the existence of the grain corridor in the Black Sea. Turkey is already dependent on Russia but they want to sign a memorandum on the development of trade and economic relations in the sectors of energy and transportation. There is no need to be an expert to understand that Turkey will be even more dependent on Russia. At the same time, Turkey will be a weak point for NATO. It’s already a muppet. We don’t need to have a dangerous one.