75602 - The Ukrainian strategic initiative

N. Lygeros

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Ukraine takes sente and Russia has to play gote to save its stones in some regions on the goban. Ukraine is seizing the strategic initiative and forcing Russia to reallocate forces. Russia has to change its priorities and to choose new positions or even old ones in response to Ukranians counteroffensive operations. In this game, nothing is obvious with the Russian forces because they have to change their tactics all the time. It’s of course the proof that the Kremlin has only a weak strategy. The data are totally different from their initial expectations. This is due to the fact that when you are all there in the virtual world of propaganda it is always difficult to change and to survive in the reality of history. On the ground the propaganda is useless. Because even if you try to provoke the horror with your acts of barbarity, you will not influence the key persons and you are not able to be a game-changer. So we see Russia trying to excuse itself to its people for its impression lack of efficiency in this invasion. This proves that barbarity is not sufficient for the victory.